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100% Natural

Listed as Organic

Kids & Pet Friendly

Environmentally Safe

Premium Absorbing Zeolite

for Best Urine Odor Control

Zeofill® is the choice infill for playground and sports field applications. The slow release of water in Zeofill® granules cool turf fibers by evapotransportation, just like real sod.


Benefits of Using Zeofill® as Infill

  • Zeofill® is a negative charge infill which captures ammonia found in urine and because of its negatively charged properties, prevents ammonia from turning into a gas, therefore eliminating smell.

  • Zeofill® granules cool turf fibers longer by evapotransportation, just like real sod.

  • Works immediately after installation!

  •  Zeofill® is 100% permeable which will not clog turf drainage holes like sand.


Organic Turf Deodorizer

  • Made in USA.

  • 100% Natural & Environmentally Safe for your kids and pets. Healthier too!

  • Listed as Organic by OMRI (Organic Material Research Institute) as "Deodorizer Infill".

  • "Truly" Approved by Turf Manufacturers and installers in USA, Canada and the Caribbean to be the best infill for pet odor.

  • Zeofill® is the purest clinoptilolite zeolite in the world which has the the strongest absorption ability to remove tough urine odors.

  • Zeofill® hardness lies between 4-5 Mohs, softer than silica sand but strong enough to withstand heavy traffic abuse.

  • 8 Year Warranty against deteriorating for landscape and sports applications.

  • Zeofill® absorbs and holds 55% of liquid weight without swelling.

  • Zeofill® dust will not harm the human body when installing.

  • Tannish in color to match brown thatch in artificial grass.

  • Rated "BEST PERFORMING" odor control zeolite by Synthetic Turf Experts.


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